EMDR Kit support

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General questions

Do you ship to my country?

We ship worldwide.

What are the prices in USD or GBP?

For a list of the estimated USD and GBP prices, download our pricelist.

What is the delivery time?

This depends on what country we have to ship to.  Watch our shipping page for the approximate shipping time.

What are the shipping costs?

Within the EU: €25,- (including 21% VAT)

Outside EU: €45,- (No VAT has to be paid)

Do the products work with other voltages?

We provide power adapters or converters specifically for your country so you can be sure you can work with it in your country.
We do not charge anything extra for this service.

My credit card payment does not succeed. What can I do?

Sometimes a creditcard company blocks payments automatically when it is a payment somewhere abroad.
The best thing to do is call your creditcard company and ask them to allow the payment. You can try and place the order again when you have called them. If this does not work, you can place an order and pay with an other payment option, for example Paypal.

What are the differences between the EMDR Kit Wireless and the EMDR Kit Classic?

You can read about the differences here.


The EMDR Kit comes with a 2 year guarantee. If you have a problem with the EMDR Kit and the guarantee is still valid, please contact us via our email address info@emdrkit.com or through the contact form. The guarantee does not apply to adapters and/or wires. In most cases we can replace or repair your EMDR Kit in a few working days. Some problems are easy to solve by yourself. See if your question is listed within the frequently asked questions list.

Return Policy

We have a 14 day 100% refund return policy. If you do not like the product or have an other reason you want to return your product, you can return it and get 100% refund. These are the rules in case you want to return your product:

1. Within 14 days of delivery, let us know that you want to return the product. Send us an e-mail at info@emdrkit.com.

2. Return the product in it’s original package, in the same condition as you received it. We will send you the return address in the e-mail.

3. Once we receive the returned product, we will refund it.

4. Shipping costs are not refunded.

Damage and defects

If your product has been damaged or shows a deficit, please contact us at info@emdrkit.com. In almost every case we can send replacement parts or help you in a other way.

Please note the following:

1. Deficits that fall under the 2 years guarantee will be replaced and we will pay for the shipment of the package. In case of the pulsators, lightbar or controller, we would like to ask you to return the deficit part to us. We will also pay for the shipping costs for sending the deficit part.

2. Deficits and/or damage that does not fall under the 2 years guarantee or that is caused by misuse or incautious use can be replaced as well. The replacement part has to be paid and also the shipping cost has to be paid by the customer.

3. Defects of the product or incomplete delivery must always be stated within 14 days of delivery to info@emdrkit.com.


The EMDR Kit is designed to support EMDR practitioners while giving EMDR treatment. The therapist is always responsible for the outcome of treatment in which the EMDR Kit is deployed. The developer or seller of the EMDR Kit can not be held responsible for results of the treatment and any client complaints. The EMDR Kit is not designed to be used as a self-help instrument.

Terms and Conditions

Download the Terms and Conditions.


Download our privacy statement.


Prices on our website are inclusive of 21% VAT. We adjust the VAT according to the EU rules.

1: If you place an order and your shipping address is inside the EU you pay 21% VAT (except if you posses a valid VAT number and enter this in the checkout form).
2: If you have a EU VAT number, you can enter it in the checkout form to order without VAT.
3: If you place an order with a shipping address outside the EU, you don’t pay 21% VAT.