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The EMDR Kit is a compact set of technical devices that provides the client with distracting stimuli.

The EMDR Kit comes with a remote control that can be used to regulate the following components:

  • Light tube for visual stimulation.
  • Pulsators for tactile stimulation.
  • Ear phones for aural stimulation.

Shipping costs

The shipping costs (including 21% VAT) are as following:

  • Netherlands: €6,95
  • EU countries: €19,00
  • Rest of the world: €26,00

Note: Ordering more than 4 EMDR Kit’s might increase the shipping costs due to increased package weight.

Shipping time

Information on the shipment duration can be found on the shipment page.

Standard inclusions


This remote control is used to easily adjust and set the various functions which can be read off from the display. It has a rechargeable battery which can be recharged with the included adapter.


The pulsators that are included with the EMDR Kit can be adjusted in speed and intensity. Giving tactile stimulation with the pulsators can be used in instances where visual stimulation is not desired or not possible, for example in the following cases:


  • Infants and small children who sometimes cannot execute the eye movements very well.
  • Patients who are mentally challenged
  • Patients complaining of head aches/dizziness resulting from visual stimulation.


With the EMDR kit you can provide auditory stimuli with clicks or other sounds as an alternative for eye movements.

The regular and irregular clicks are standard functions. Besides, it is possible to add your own MP3 files instead of the standard clicks.


Some therapists prefer to work with the EMDR Kit on their table. Others prefer to position their EMDR Kit on the ground. The EMDR Kit standardly includes a tripod that is adjustable in height from 28,5 cm to 107 cm.


If you want to carry around your EMDR Kit, for example if you work at multiple locations, it might me handy for you to have a bag for the EMDR Kit.