emdr kit 2 zonder tekst
emdr kit 2 zonder tekst

The EMDR Kit is the most complete EMDR equipment available.

What will the EMDR Kit offer you?



Giving EMDR therapy can be quite exhausting for your arm. With the EMDR Kit, you won’t need to wave your finger anymore and you can pay more attention to your cliënt. Use EMDR equipment to make EMDR therapy more convenient for you and your client.



Not every patient is the same. That is why the speed, intensity and colour of the lightbar are adjustable. This also counts for the speed and intensity of the pulsators and headphone. This way, you can adjust the lightbar to the specific capacities/needs of each patient.

Easy to use


The lightbar, pulsators and headphone can be used together or separately, depending on what you or your patient prefer. The various functions of the EDMR Kit can be adjusted easily with the EMDR kit app.

EMDR kit 2


EMDR kit 2

We have been working hard to improve our EMDR equipment. We gave the EMDR kit 2 a complete overhaul. The design has been modernized and the EMDR kit 2 is completely wireless. The only wire you will need is to recharge the battery. The EMDR kit 2 is controllable with the EMDR kit app, which you can download on your smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android). The EMDR Kit 2 is the EMDR equipment that you want!

The EMDR kit 2 comes with the following parts:

  • Light tube for visual stimulation.
  • Pulsators for tactile stimulation.
  • Bluetooth Headphone for aural stimulation.
  • The EMDR kit app is freely downloadable on your smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android)


The EMDR kit 2 is wireless

The EMDR Kit 2 is wireless. Each component is controllable with the EMDR kit app, which you can download on your smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android).

The app is easy to use because of it’s intuitive design. Just connect your smartphone or tablet with the EMDR kit 2 and it’s components and start your therapy. Once connected, the app will remember your EMDR Kit 2 and will connect with it automatically the next time you want to work with it.

EMDR Kit app now downloadable!

The EMDR kit 2 app is downloadable! Go to the Play store or App store on your apple or android device! You can already try the aural function (clicks) if you use your own headphone. Read more >

EMDR foto 3

Working with the EMDR Kit

The EMDR Kit is an easy to use EMDR device that can be used during EMDR therapy. The use of EMDR equipment during EMDR therapy can give the therapist more time to take notes or pay attention to the clients reaction. Furthermore, the use of EMDR equipment has a more professional appearance than when a therapist is using their fingers. For some clients this may improve the rate of succes if they are sceptical.

About us

One of the developers of the EMDR Kit is Els van Rijn, an EMDR supervisor from Holland. Els van Rijn is also the director of Psy-zo!, a psychological practice specialized in the treatment of trauma and bad experiences.
Want to read more about us?  Go to the ‘About us page.


More than 3000 therapists already work with the EMDR Kit!


Erik ten Broeke – EMDR Trainer and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

“I use the Kit because it makes the therapy sessions much more comfortable for me as a therapist and the patient without substituting the efficacy. Furthermore, the EMDR Kit gives me the possibility to combine different levels of loads of the working memory.”


Roel Menke – Clinical Psychologist

“I have been working with the EMDR Kit for three years now. For me, it is impossible to imagine how to work without the Kit. The possibility to use varying settings during the therapy sessions is very useful. For example, i can easily combine the use of pulsators and the lightbar and change the speed during a session. I use the EMDR Kit 4 days a week and i recharge it once a week. I would recommend the EMDR Kit to every EMDR Therapist.”


Gabriel Malina –
Clinical Psychologist /
EMDR Psychotherapist.

“I am using the  EMDR KIT for 1 year now and it has helped me to reduce physical stress by applying the technique with patients. I can also perform sound, tactile and visual stimulation at the same time when patients have presented dissociative symptoms. It has really helped me a lot, it is easy to carry , lightweight and visually attractive, thank you very much.”