The EMDR Kit Classic is adjustable in height with the included tripod and is controllable with a wired controller. Just plug in the modalities that you want to use. You can use the different stimuli separately or together. The EMDR  Kit Classic is easy to carry around because it is foldable. The EMDR Kit Classic offers all the functions you need as an EMDR therapist.

Light Tube

The Light Tube of the EMDR Kit Classic provides a visual stimuli. Easily change the speed, color or brightness to the need of your client.


Not every client is the same. Therefore, the speed, intensity, and color of the Light Tube can be adjusted. This also applies to the speed and intensity of the Pulsators and the Headphones. In this way you can tailor the EMDR Kit to the needs and / or capacities of each client.


This set of EMDR equipment is controllable with the included controller. Just plug in the stimuli you want to use or detach the stimuli you do not need. Easily change the different settings with a press on the buttons, even during use.


The EMDR Kit Classic comes with a Headphone to give an aural stimuli to your client. You can change the sound to regular or random intervals and adjust the volume and speed.


The Pulsators of the EMDR Kit Classic enables you to give a tactile stimuli to your client. The intensity of the pulsation can easily be adjusted during use.


Lightbar modesSweeping and blinking
Lightbar lenght70 cm (27.5 in)
Lightbar height28 cm - 108 cm (11 in - 42.5 in)
Light colours5 colors + random function
Speed adjustable✔ 40 different speed settings
Light maximum speed0.4 seconds per cyclus / set
Light intensity adjustable
Pulsator intensity and speed adjustable
Sound volume and speed adjustable
Sound"Peep" with adjustable pitch
Set / Time counter
Are batteries needed?The parts have internal batteries that can be charged with the included adapter. No additional batteries are needed.
Active battery durationAround 1 week
Passive battery durationAround 3 weeks
Able to use while charging
Adjustable in height / angle
Light Tube cord length215 cm (84.5 in)
Headphone cord length200 cm (78.5 in)
Pulsators cord length200 cm (78.5 in)
Charger cord length150 cm (59 in)