Frequently asked questions

  • Is the EMDR Kit Classic height-adjustable?

    Yes, the tripod allows you to adjust both the height and angle of the lamp. The height is adjustable from 28 centimeters to 108 centimeters (0.9 to 3.5 feet). The tripod can be used both as a floor tripod and as a table tripod.

  • How does charging work?

    The controller has a battery. The same battery powers the Light Tube, Pulsators and Headphone. The controller can be charged with the included charger.

  • Can all components be used at the same time?

    The components can be used separately or at the same time. You can connect the desired modalities to the controller and begin EMDR. If you do not want to use specific modalities, you can simply disconnect them from the controller.

  • Is the carrying bag included in the set?

    No, the bag is not included in the set. Not everyone uses a bag and it would be a waste of material and add extra costs to have it as standard part of the Kit. You can order the bag separately.

  • How far should the client sit from the Light Tube?

    The Light Tube should be positioned in such a way that the client has to move their eyes all the way from left to right to follow the light. It is basically the same distance as the distance used for manual eye movement generation. It is a good idea to test this yourself with the EMDR Kit before using it during therapy. Note that the eyes have to move completely from left to right.

    You can always discuss with your client what works best. Always pay close attention to your client’s eyes and change the distance when necessary.