EMDR Kit Wireless Support

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Most recent app version: 2.2.0

Questions before purchase

  • What are the minimum requirements for tablet/smartphone?

    You will need a smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android) to work with the EMDR Kit. iPhone 6s/iPad 4th generation or up Make sure the latest version of iOS is installed on your device.

    For Android there are also additional minimum system requirements: CPU speed: 1,6 GHz RAM: 2 GB Make sure the latest version of Android is installed on your device.

    We have tested the EMDR kit Wireless with many different devices. However, we can not guarantee that it works on every device as some manufacturers save on the parts of their phone or tablet such as the Bluetooth module. We advise against using a HUAWEI device to work with the EMDR Kit. If you have doubts about whether your tablet/phone meets the requirements, feel free to contact us.

  • Can multiple users work with one EMDR Kit?

    Yes, this is possible. Everyone can download the EMDR Kit app and use any EMDR Kit. Once an EMDR Kit is connected with your device it can not connect with another device (from a colleague) at the same time. When you close the app on your device it will become available again for other devices to connect with.

  • How does charging work?

    You can charge the Light Tube with the included charger. Just plug the charger into the Light Tube so it can start charging. The Pulsators are charged in the dockingstations positioned in the base of the Light Tube. They will charge when the charger is attached to the Light Tube. The Headphone can also be charged with a charger.

  • How are the different parts synchronized?

     The Pulsators and headphones are synced to the light tube in the following way: When the light dot passes the middle of the light tube and moves to the right of the light tube, the headphone will make a sound on one side and one Pulsator will pulse. When the light dot passes the middle of the light tube and moves to the left of the light tube, the headphone will make a sound on the other side and the other Pulsator will pulse. It depends on the speed of the stimuli where on the Light Tube the different stimuli will end their stimulation. The way our equipment is synced is based on that when your eyes move from left to right (light dot crosses the middle) the other stimuli will also give their stimulation. When your eyes move from the right to the left, the other side of the stimuli will give their stimulation. So the tipping point in our equipment is based on when your eyes move from the left side and the middle and move to the right side (or the other way around). This way the stimulation of the Pulsators and the headphones are received in the brain at the same time as the stimulation that is done with the eyes.

  • What are the technical specifications?

    Only use the included adapters to charge the Light tube and the Headphone.

    Light tube charger specifications:

    Input: 100-240V 50/60HZ 0.3A Output: 12V 0.6A

    Headphone charger specifications:

    Input:100-240V 50/60HZ 0.15A Output: 5V 1000mA

    Specifications Light tube:

    1.2V 4,8 Watt 0,4A

Usage questions

  • How do I install the app?

    For Android:

    • Open the Play store. • Search for ‘EMDR Kit’ in the searchbar. • Select the EMDR Kit app. • Click on INSTALL to install the app. The download and installation will start. • Open the app. IF asked, please allow: Bluetooth Access location

    For iOS:

    Open de App store. • Zoek naar ‘EMDR Kit’ in the zoekbalk. • Selecteer het icoon van de EMDR Kit app. • Klik eerst op DOWNLOAD om de app te downloaden. • Klik daarna op INSTALLEREN om de app te installeren. • Open de app. Als dat wordt gevraagd, geef dan toestemming voor: Bluetooth Access location (locatie toegang)

  • How do I connect with the Light Tube?

    Open the App store. • Search for ‘EMDR Kit’ in the searchbar. • Select the EMDR Kit app. • Click on GET / DOWNLOAD to download and install the app. • Open the  app. Als dat wordt gevraagd, geef dan toestemming voor: Bluetooth Access location

  • How do I connect with the Pulsators?

    • Shake the pulsators. This will activate them and they will be able to connect. The Lights on the Pulsators will flash blue, indicating they are ready to connect. The Pulsators will be able to connect for a period of 30 seconds. After that they will shut down again. If not succesful within 30 seconds, shake the pulsators to activate them again. • Click on the CONNECT button in the top left corner of the screen. • Click on the option ‘Choose Pulsator 1’. • Select one of the Pulsators with the strongest Bluetooth signal indicated by the green bars. • Then click on ‘Choose Pulsator 2’. • Select the other Pulsator. • The Pulsators are now connected. To verify if the Pulsators are connected, take them out of the dockingstations. When connected, the lights on the Pulsators turn a stable Blue.

  • How do I connect with the Headphone?

    Press and hold the button on the Headphone until the light immediately below the button starts flashing blue and red. The Headphone is now available for connection.

    • For Android users: Press “CONNECT” in the top left corner of the app. Press “Choose Headphone” and then “OPEN BLUETOOTH SETTING”. • For iOS users: Close the app and open “Settings” on the phone and click “Bluetooth”.

    • Select the EMDR Kit Headphone from the “My Devices” list. When the Headphone is connected, the text “Connected” appears. • Return to the EMDR Kit app by pressing the back button on the phone or close the settings and open the app normally.

  • How far should the client be seated from the Light Tube?

    The light bar must be placed so that when the lamp is turned on, the client’s eyes move from side to side completely when following the light.

    It is useful to test the EMDR Kit yourself before you use it during therapy. Make sure that the eyes completely shift from left to right. In a seated position, this is around 50 cm (~1,6ft.) if you measure from the base of the light tube to your chest.

    You can always discuss what works best with your client. Always pay attention to the eyes of your client and change the distance whenever it deems necessary.

  • How can I prevent incoming calls / messages?

    When working with the EMDR kit app, we recommend putting your tablet or smartphone in ‘flightmode’, so you will not get interrupted during your therapy. Note that bluetooth has to work. So when putting your smartphone or tablet in flightmode, turn bluetooth on again.


How to install the app:

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