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The EMDR Kit Wireless is the most modern EMDR kit on the market, both in terms of appearance and features. You control the components via an app on your tablet or smartphone – easy and completely wirelessly. The Light Tube, Pulsators and Headphone are individually adjustable, allowing you to set up the EMDR set entirely to your liking.

We recommend the EMDR Kit Wireless if you like to work wirelessly with an app and if you are going to use the EMDR Kit alone or together with a colleague.

Work wirelessly

Prevent injuries and work comfortably.

Control with an app

Easily adjust the various settings in the easy to use app.

Advanced functions

Customize the EMDR Kit to your and your clients’ preferences.

Work wireless with the app

The Light Tube, Pulsators and Headphone can be used simultaneously or separately, depending on your or your client’s preferences. The different features of the EMDR Kit can be easily set up with the app, which you can install on your smartphone or tablet.

Light Tube

The Light Tube of the EMDR Kit Wireless eliminates the need to wave your fingers side to side. Press Start in the app to activate the Light Tube. You will have more time and focus to pay attention to your client’s processes. In addition, you will be spared the physical discomfort.


The wireless Pulsators can be used for tactile stimulation. The speed and intensity of the Pulsators can be adjusted. You can, for example, use them in combination with the Light Tube for clients for whom the Light Tube does not provide enough distraction, or for clients who, for various reasons, are unable or find it hard to concentrate on the Light Tube.

Bluetooth Headphones

The EMDR Kit Wireless comes with a Bluetooth Headphone which enables you to provide auditory stimuli with clicks or other sounds as an alternative for eye movements.


Speed settings:25
Interrupt button:
Set and time Limiter:
Create profiles:
Set / time counter: In app
Controllable with:EMDR Kit App on mobile or tablet
Passive battery life (Controller):
Active battery life (Controller):
Charger cord length:150 cm
Controller weight:
Wireless Light Tube
Light Tube Modes:Sweeping, Blinking and Chaos
Light Tube length:72.5 cm
Height adjustable:
Angle adjustable:
Standard height:34 cm
Maximum height:153 cm
Number of colors:8 and random option
Maximum speed:0.4 seconds per cycle
Lowest speed:4.5 seconds per cycle
Light intensity adjustable:
Charged with:Charger
(Extra) batteries needed:
Passive battery duration:1 week
Active battery duration:2 working days
Using while charging:
Weight:1458 g (incl. tripod)
Wireless Pulsators
Adjustable vibration intensity:
Lights on Pulsators:
Moving lights:
Colors of lights:8 and random option
Separate adjustable speed:
Pulsators cord length:Not applicable (wireless)
Rechargeable with:Docking station
Passive battery life:2 weeks
Active battery life:1 working day
Use while charging:
Weight:84 g (per set)
Wireless Headphone
Adjustable volume:
Sounds:4 standard sounds
Use your own sound/music:
Separate adjustable speed:
Rechargeable with:USB-C cable included
Passive battery life:2 weeks
Active battery life:2 working days
Use while charging:
Weight:195 g