Work wireless

Control with an app

More functions

The EMDR Kit Wireless is state of the art EMDR equipment, both in appearance and it’s functions. You can control the components easily and completely wireless with the EMDR Kit app on your tablet or phone. The Light Tube, Pulsators and Headphone can be individually adjusted so that you can adjust the equipment to the need of your client.

We recommend the EMDR Kit Wireless if you like to work wirelessly with an app and if you are going to use the EMDR Kit alone or together with a colleague.

Light Tube

The Light Tube of the EMDR Kit Wireless ensures that you no longer have to wave your fingers. Press start in the app and the Light Tube starts running. You will have more time to pay attention to the processes of your client. In addition, you will no longer have any physical discomfort during EMDR.


Not every client is the same. Therefore, the speed, intensity, and color of the Light Tube can be adjusted. This also applies to the speed and intensity of the Pulsators and the Headphones. In this way, you can tailor the EMDR Kit to the needs and/or capacities of each client.

Work wireless with the app

The Light Tube, Pulsators, and Headphones can be used together or separately, depending on what you or your patient prefer. The various functions of the EDMR Kit can be adjusted easily with the EMDR kit app.

  • Minimum eisen

    You will need a smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android) to work with the EMDR Kit. Make sure the (most) recent version of iOS or Android is installed. For Android there are also additional minimum system requirements: CPU speed: 1,6 GHz RAM: 2 GB

    We have tested the EMDR kit Wireless with many different devices. However, we can not guarantee that it works on every device as some manufacturers save on the parts of their phone or tablet such as the bluetooth module. If you have doubts about whether your tablet / phone meets the requirements, feel free to contact us.

Pulsators for tactile stimulation

The wireless Pulsators that are included with the EMDR Kit Wireless can be adjusted in speed and intensity. Giving tactile stimulation with the Pulsators can be used to give an extra stimulus or in instances where visual stimulation is not desired or not possible.

Bluetooth Headphone

The EMDR Kit Wireless comes with a Bluetooth Headphone which enables you to provide auditory stimuli with clicks or other sounds as an alternative for eye movements.


Light Tube modesSweeping en Blinking
Light Tube length 70 cm (27.5 in)
Light Tube height33 cm (13 in)
Light colours 5 colors + random function
Speed adjustable✔ 20 different speeds
Maximum speed of Light Tube0.4 seconde per cyclus / set
Light intensity adjustable
Pulsator intensity and speed adjustable
Sound volume and speed adjustable
Sound:4 different sounds (Click 1, Click 2, Beep 1 and Beep 2)
Set / Time counter in app
Are batteries needed?No additional batteries are needed. The parts have internal batteries that can be charged with the included adapter
Active battery durationOne working day of full use
Passive battery duration Around one week
Able to use while charging ✔ Light Tube X Headphone X Pulsators
Adjustable in heightNo
Lights on Pulsators can blink
Color of lights on Pulsators can be adjusted

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