Tactile stimuli during EMDR

with EMDR Kit Pulsators

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We offer two types of Pulsators in our assortment: the EMDR Kit Classic Pulsators and the EMDR Kit Wireless Pulsators. Tactile stimuli during EMDR Can be used to stimulate bilaterally, grounding or distracting. If you also want to expand with a light bar or headphones afterward, you can do that with these sets.

Wireless Pulsators

The Wireless Pulsators can be used together with the EMDR Kit app. The Pulsators operate through Bluetooth and are therefore completely wireless. You can easily adjust the speed and intensity via the app. In addition, it is also possible to make the LED lights on the Pulsators blink. You can also use the Pulsators as a visual stimulus.

Classic Pulsators

The Classic Pulsators can be connected to the controller of the EMDR Kit Classic. The Pulsators are easy to adjust in terms of speed and intensity with the buttons on the controller. Compared to the EMDR Kit Wireless, the Classic Pulsators are a bit smaller.