New app feature: More colors

In the latest update of the EMDR kit app, we have added three colors for the Light Tube. These new colors are Light Blue, Orange, and Yellow. These new colors will of course also be featured in the Random color mode. The new colors can be used for clients with a preference for one of these new colors or because of a case-specific reasons. Because of these new colors, the Random color mode has also become a bit more complex. Many users of the EMDR Kit use the random color mode and let the client name the different colors aloud. With the three extra colors, this task is even more taxing for the working memory.

The new colors can be found by clicking on the Light Tube icon in the EMDR kit app. There you can select the new colors. We hope you enjoy these new colors!

We hope you like the new colors and can use them well during your EMDR sessions!

Light Blue

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