New app feature: Profiles

In the latest app update, it is possible to set profiles. With these profiles, you can easily activate certain settings quickly. You can create a profile for each client or situation and give a custom name to each of them.

Follow these steps to set up a new profile:

  • Set up the app completely as desired.
  • Click on CONNECT
  • Click on PROFILES
  • Click the plus (+) icon to save the current settings as new profile
  • Give the new profile a name. If you want to use a client’s name, we recommend using only initials.
  • Click Save. The profile is now saved in the profile list.

To select a profile, you can follow the following steps:

  • Click on PROFILES
  • Choose the Profile you want and click Use
  • The profile with all configured functions is now loaded.

You can overwrite a profile by clicking on Edit and then on Overwrite.

You can delete a profile by clicking Edit and then Delete.

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