Information for USA customers


We ship to the USA!

We strive to send your package as soon as possible. Usually, this can be done within two working days. From then the delivery time depends on where the package has to be sent to. Once shipped the shipping time to the USA will usually be 7-14 business days. Once the package has been sent, you will receive a track and trace code in your mailbox which you can use to track your shipment.

Please note that these shipping times are estimates. There can always be exceptions in which case it can take longer to deliver your package. This can have different causes such as customs clearance or specific border control procedures.

The shipping cost to the USA is €40 (around $45).

USD prices

You can check the estimated USD price of our product by selecting USD currency next to each of our products. Note that these prices are estimations as the daily USD/EUR rate may vary.

Before ordering, please check if your credit card company allows payments abroad.
US customers do not have to pay VAT (European tax) so the price is without VAT which is 21%.

All the prices on our website are in euros (€). The checkout will also be in euros (€) but your credit card company or Pay-pall will automatically convert USD to euros.


We provide chargers that are compatible for usage in the USA.


You can read about our warranty and return policy here.