Wireless EMDR Kit (Set)

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2 year warranty
Excellent customer service

The EMDR Kit is EMDR equipment for professionals.
Included with the EMDR Kit Wireless are:

  • Light tube
  • Pulsators
  • Headphone
  • Charger

We provide the appropriate wall mount plug for your country.

The bag is not included as a standard.
You need a smartphone or tablet to control the EMDR Kit Wireless. There is no controller included.


Delivery time: Europe: 2-5 Business days. Outside Europe: 5-10 business days.
Shipping cost: Europe: €25. Outside Europe: €45. 

We ensure that your order arrives properly in sturdy packaging.
After shipment you will receive a track and trace code so that you can track your package.

The Light Tube, Pulsators, Heapdhones and carrying bags have a warranty for two years. The warranty starts on the day of delivery.

If you have a problem with the EMDR Kit you can contact us via our e-mail address info@emdrkit.com or via the contact form on the contact page.

There is no guarantee on chargers, adapters and cords.

You can read more about the warranty here.

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Shipping time and costs are as follows:

EU countries
€25,- (Flat rate, including 21% VAT).
Usually arrives within 3-6 business days from the moment that we ship.

Outside EU
€45,- (No VAT has to be paid).
Usually arrives within 5-10 business days from the moment that we ship.


Lightbar modes
Sweeping and blinking
Lightbar lenght
70 cm (27,5 in)
Lightbar height
33 cm (13 in)
Light colours
5 colors + random function
Speed adjustable
✔ 20 different speeds
Light maximum speed
0.4 seconds per cyclus / set
Light intensity adjustable
Pulsator intensity and speed adjustable
Sound volume and speed adjustable
4 different sounds (Click 1, Click 2, Beep 1 and Beep 2)
Set / Time counter in app
Are batteries needed?
No additional batteries are needed. The parts have internal batteries that can be charged with the included adapter
Active battery duration
One working day of full use
Passive battery duration
Around one week
Able to use while charging
✔ Light tube ✔ Headphone X Pulsators
Adjustable in height
Lights on Pulsators can blink
Color of lights on Pulsators can be adjusted

What are the minimum requirements for a tablet or smartphone?

You will need a smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android) to work with the EMDR Kit. Make sure the (most) recent version of iOS or Android is installed.
For Android there are also additional minimum system requirements:
CPU speed: 1,6 GHz