EMDR Kit Wireless (Set)

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The EMDR Kit is EMDR equipment for professionals.
Included with the EMDR Kit Wireless are:

  • Light tube
  • Pulsators
  • Headphone
  • Charger

The bag is not included as a standard because some therapist would use it and other would not. Therefore, including it as standard would in some cases be a waste of material and resources.

You need a smartphone or tablet to work with the EMDR Kit wireless. You can see the minimum specifications of the phone/tablet further down this page.


Shipping time and costs are as follows:

EU countries
€25,- (Flat rate, including 21% VAT).
Usually arrives within 3-6 business days from the moment that we ship.

Outside EU
€45,- (No VAT has to be paid).
Usually arrives within 5-10 business days from the moment that we ship.


Lightbar modes
Sweeping and blinking
Lightbar lenght
Lightbar height
33 cm
Light maximum speed
0.4 seconds per cyclus
Light colours
5 colors + random function
Speed adjustable
Light intensity adjustable
Pulsator intensity and speed adjustable
Sound volume and speed adjustable
Battery duration
At least 1 working day
Able to use while charging
✔ Light tube ✔ Headphone X Pulsators

What are the minimum requirements for a tablet or smartphone?

You will need a smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android) to work with the EMDR Kit.

iOS 9.0 or up (iPhone 4s/iPad 3th generation or up).
Android 4.3 or up.

For Android there are also additional minimum system requirements:
CPU speed: 1,6 GHz

We have noted that the IphoneX series currently can have problems with Bluetooth connections. We hope Apple will soon fix this. As of now (05 june 2019) this issue is not yet resolved.
We have noted that the J series of Samsung can give problems with Bluetooth. We do not advise to use these phones in combination with the EMDR Kit Wireless.

We have tested the EMDR kit Wireless with many different devices. However, we can not guarantee that it works on every device as some manufacturers save on the parts of their phone or tablet such as the bluetooth module.
If you have doubts about whether your tablet / phone meets the requirements, feel free to contact us.