Ytje van Pelt: Online EMDR with the EMDR Kit

Working from home is something we all have had to adjust to. Our colleague Ytje van Pelt shows how she uses EMDR online with the EMDR Kit.

Online EMDR is certainly possible. I prefer to work with a client in person but during the last two years, we had to adjust, just like everyone else!
I took my EMDR Kit Wireless home and I met my clients online. During online EMDR, I place my EMDR Kit in front of the webcam and instruct my client to watch the light dot.

It is important that the client moves the eyes from left to right completely so you perhaps need to adjust the distance of the Light Tube a bit when applying online EMDR. Or the client needs to sit closer to the screen. Of course, there are also online EMDR tools that you could use as well but I prefer to use the Light Tube as my clients are already used to this.

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