Frequently asked questions

How does charging work?

There is an internal battery within the Light Tube, Pulstaors and Headphone which you can charge with a charger that is included with the product.

Are batteries included/needed?

No additional batteries are needed.

Does the set work with other voltages?

We provide power adapters or converters specifically for your country so you can be sure you can work with it in your country.
We do not charge anything extra for this service.

Can I order the Pulsators separately?

Yes, you can buy the Pulsators separately, but you will need a controller to control the Pulsators. In our webshop you can buy the controller with Pulsators or an extra set of Pulsators if you already have the controller.

Is the EMDR Kit Classic adjustable in height?

Yes, you can adjust the height by lengthening or shortening the tripod. The height can be set between 28 and 108 cm. Also, the angle of the Light Tube can adjusted.

Can I use the different stimuli simultaneously?

Yes, you can use the different stimuli simultaneously or separately. Just plug in the stimuli that you want to use. If you do not want to use a certain stimuli, just detach it from the controller.

How far should the cliënt be seated from the Light Tube?

The light bar must be placed so that when the lamp is turned on, the client’s eyes move from side to side completely when following the light. It is useful to test the EMDR Kit yourself before you use it during therapy. Make sure that the eyes completely shift from left to right.

You can always discuss what works best with your client. Always pay attention to the eyes of your client and change the distance whenever it deems necessary.

Is the EMDR Kit Classic wireless?

No, the parts of the EMDR Kit Classic have cables that you can attach to the controller.

Is a bag included with the set?

The bag is not included as a standard because many therapist work in the same office every day and do not travel with the EMDR Kit. Therefore a bag would be redundant and a waste of material and space. So we chose to not add it as a standard and let people decide for themselves if they need it or not.

How can I position the Light Tube on the tripod?

Make sure the turning poke is positioned parallelly to the Light tube so that the Light Tube will be straight and not bend over to one side.


Technical specifications

Please only use the adapter that was provided with the EMDR Kit Classic.

Adapter specifications:

Input: 100-240V 50/60HZ 0.3A
Output: 12V 0.6A

We provide power converters for your country’s specific power socket type so that you can work with it.