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Wireless EMDR Kit (Set)

490.00 (est. $523.71) (est. $785.52) (est. £414.20) (est. $716.97)


The EMDR Kit Wireless is our wireless and most extensive EMDR equipment. The EMDR Kit Wireless gives you a variety of options for bilateral stimulation and working memory loading. In addition, using the EMDR Kit makes your EMDR sessions a lot more comfortable. It is controlled with the EMDR Kit app which you can download on your smartphone or tablet.


Speed settings:25
Interrupt button:
Set and time Limiter:
Create profiles:
Set / time counter: In app
Controllable with:EMDR Kit App on mobile or tablet
Passive battery life (Controller):-
Active battery life (Controller):-
Charger cord length:150 cm
Controller weight:-

Wireless Light Tube
Light Tube Modes:Sweeping, Blinking and Chaos
Light Tube length:72.5 cm
Height adjustable:
Angle adjustable:
Standard height:34 cm
Maximum height:153 cm
Number of colors:8 and random option
Maximum speed:0.4 seconds per cycle
Lowest speed:4.5 seconds per cycle
Light intensity adjustable:
Charged with:Charger
(Extra) batteries needed:-
Passive battery duration:1 week
Active battery duration:2 working days
Using while charging:
Weight:1458 g (incl. tripod)

Wireless Pulsators
Adjustable vibration intensity:
Lights on Pulsators:
Moving lights:
Colors of lights:8 and random option
Separate adjustable speed:
Pulsators cord length:Not applicable (wireless)
Rechargeable with:Docking station
Passive battery life:2 weeks
Active battery life:1 working day
Use while charging:-
Weight:84 g (per set)

Wireless Headphone
Adjustable volume:
Sounds:4 standard sounds
Use your own sound/music:
Separate adjustable speed:
Rechargeable with:USB-C cable included
Passive battery life:2 weeks
Active battery life:2 working days
Use while charging:-
Weight:195 g

EU: Usually 3-6 Business days.
Outside EU: 6-12 business days.
Shipping cost: EU: €20. Outside EU: €40.

We do our very best to ensure that your order arrives safely and properly packaged.
After shipment you will receive a track-and-trace code with which you can track your package.

The Light Tube, Pulsators, Headphones, and carrying bags have a two-year warranty starting on the day of delivery.

Should you have any issues with your EMDR Kit, please contact us. We will always reply within one business day.

Our warranty does not cover chargers, adapters, and cords.

You can read more about the warranty here.

Please contact us if you are not satisfied with your order or if you wish to return your order for any other reason.

Orders can be returned within 30 days. We will refund the amount after receiving the returned products in good condition.

You can read more about our return policy here.

Included with the EMDR Kit Wireless are:

  • Light tube
  • Pulsators and charging station
  • Tripod
  • Headphone
  • Charger (adapted to your country’s sockets)

The app is free to download
The bag is not included.
You will need a smartphone or tablet to control the EMDR Kit Wireless. No controller is included.

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