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New: More working memory load with Chaos Mode

We aim to keep our equipment as up-to-date as possible with new developments such as EMDR 2.0. Therefore, we have added a new feature to our updated Wireless EMDR Kit Light Tube, namely the unique Chaos Mode. This mode provides clients with a challenging task by moving the light point in unexpected ways.

Why Chaos Mode? Unlike Sweeping and Blinking Modes, where clients can predict movements over time, Chaos Mode keeps the task challenging. This is because the movements of the light point are random and unpredictable, which creates additional working memory load and enhances concentration.

Certain elements of the Chaos Mode also cause a slight surprise effect. The purpose of this is to destabilize the memory and provide the opportunity to store the memory in a different form (Steven Meijer and Ad de Jongh).

For clients who need more of a challenge to concentrate during therapy, Chaos Mode is very suitable. But it can be even better: when you combine the Chaos Mode with our Headphones, random sounds are played, such as a water drop, bicycle bell or rooster crowing. This not only provides extra distraction and working memory load, but also gives a lighter element to the therapy.

Positive expressions such as smiling during therapy can have a positive effect on the treatment process. We’ve heard from many therapists that using the Chaos Mode with the Headphone brings a lot of laughter during therapy!

In short, with the updated Wireless EMDR Kit Light Tube and the Chaos Mode you can help clients process traumatic experiences in a unique and effective way. Try it out and discover the benefits of these new functionalities for yourself!